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Rental Agreement

Please read this Rental Agreement before you choose to engage and access our website and social media. By using our website as a service, you are bound by these Terms of Service. If you don’t agree partly or at all with these Terms of Service, then you may not use access or use our website. 

This Rental Agreement is a legal agreement between you (the consumer) and One Fit Hire ( the business). These terms of services are unique to One Fit Hire.

1.General- Rental Agreement

All of the prices of our products are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD $) 

Our Terms and Conditions are used in agreement with our Terms of Services which can be found under “Terms and Conditions”. By accessing our store, social media sites and using our services, you agree to both the Terms of Service AND Terms of Conditions when shopping, purchasing, delivering and returning our garments. 

The contract you agree to is the One Fit Hire rental agreement. This means if you do not uphold your end of the agreement when; choosing your dates, product, size and the date of return and in good condition, you will be accountable for fees. 

  1. Fees, Authorisation, Cancellations

The rental fee will be stated as well as the delivery cost. However, the cleaning fee will be inclusive in the rental fee as we do this ourselves. Not at any time are you authorised to clean, alter, damage or keep the garment otherwise you will be charged a fee (this is a case by case scenario as each garment is different). The delivery cost will be charged at checkout when you have selected your garment(s) so this is an EXTRA cost.

When you proceed to the checkout and pay, you authorise One Fit Hire to charge your account for the rental fee and the delivery option which you have chosen. If your payment method is “pay on delivery”, we will expect you to have the exact change that is needed as we do not carry change. If your payment method is a bank transfer, it will need to be done straight after you have booked the garment(s) to guarantee the booking of your garment(s). Once we have received your payment, we will ship your item(s). IF WE DO NOT RECEIVE YOUR PAYMENT WITHIN 24 HOURS of making the booking, your garment will not be booked. 

IMPORTANT: If you do not return our garments at all in any case or our garments are in a state where they cannot be used again, you automatically authorise One Fit Hire to charge your account used for payment a 110% fee of the retail price (RRP) of the garment.The RRP will be taken from when the product was first released. If you paid by delivery, you will need to provide us with a credit or visa debit card so we are able to deduct the fee if necessary. As per our privacy policy, One Fit Hire will only hold onto your details (personal info as well as billing information) when you enter them in on our website to when we have received our garment(s) back in good condition. 

If you require a cancellation, this MUST be completed within 12 hours of placing your order via our website, text, call or email. As per agreement, we offer a credit cancellation policy where if the criteria is met, we will offer you store credit or a garment exchange. If you do not adhere to this term and you make a cancellation after 12 hours of placing your order, we hold no obligation to reimburse you.

  1. Your end of the deal

When you order and receive our garment(s), One Fit Hire is not responsible for any complications with the address that you have provided. We do not take any responsibility for the misplacement of the garment(s) once it has arrived to the address that you have provided.

If you select 'Pick up' (for Auckland customers only) you are subject to return it on time. Please ensure you return the dress YOURSELF within three working days. There is no tolerance for relying on One Fit Hire to pick up where needed as WE WILL NOT be picking up garments all over Auckland. 

As per information above( in section 2), you will be charged if you do not return the garment(s) or if you bring it back damaged. One Fit Hire are offering our service so we expect everything to be returned in the condition it was sent in. 

If you need the garment(s) for a longer period of time providing ONLY if the dates you need it are available, you have to either text, call or email and we will charge you the extra amount. This is a case by case charge. If you however, don't return our garment(s) by the due date, whether you have extended it OR not, you will be charged $20.00 a day until it is returned. If it is not returned within 7 days of the return date, you give One Fit Hire the permission to charge you 110% of the garment RRP price at the time we brought it. 

If you end up losing the tracked courier bag that we have provided, you may buy a new one to send it back in but you are expected to send us the tracking number so we are able to track it easily. If you refuse to hold up your end of the deal, we have the right to take further action until we have received the fees owing. 

  1. Our end of the deal

Once your order has been confirmed and paid for, we will package your garment(s) in the correct size and colour and send them to you BEFORE the date needed. If you receive your item and it isn't the correct one (e.g. wrong size, colour, or damaged) , you are to call us within 24 hours of receiving it so we can discuss. The options that you have will be told to you when you call us as this is a case by case situation as there are different types of delivery. However, all costs will be covered by us if we are wrong in our doing. We do not hold responsibility if there are mistakes by you when ordering. Please remember that we have a good record of what our products look like to and from customers, so do not waste our time. 

  1. Final bits 

One Fit Hire has the right to change the Rental Agreement at any time. It us up to you (the consumer), to check it every time you use our services. If at any time you are unsure about any section of this agreement, feel free to text, email or message on Facebook with your query and we will get back to you as soon as possible.