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  • How many days can I hire a dress?
    Maximum 4 working days 
  • Can I hire more than one dress at a time?
    Absolutely! If you do find to hire more than one for the same weekend, email us first and we can take care of that for you!
  • Do you do postal-try ons?
    No, only fittings for people in Auckland that require a $10 non-refundable deposit. You can book in for a fitting via email
  • Do I have to clean it?
    No, don't be silly! We do all of the cleaning ourselves
  • What sizes do you have?
    We cater to size 6 to size 26
  • Can I hire any day of the week?
    Yes, of course! The party is always going and we understand that.
  • What payment do you use?
    Any credit or debit card, apple pay and pay pal
  • Do I have to pay for postage?
    Yes but we have all of the bits and pieces so you do not have to worry!
  • Can I pick up in Auckland?
    Yes of course you can! When you book your garment, select *pick up*
  • Can I hire for more than the 4 working day period?
    At times, we can definitely make allowances but please keep in mind that our fits are booked weekend to weekend so getting them back in time for our next customers is the main reason why we do maximum 4 working days.
  • When looking at the garments, what does recommended fit mean?
    The sizes that it will fit the best on, this is taking into account height, bust and hips as we know not everyone has the same shapes! If you are unsure, feel free to email us for measurements
  • What if my dress does not fit me when it arrives?
    Unfortunately we cannot do anything as we provide as much information as we can prior to posting it to you, sometimes we can offer store credits in pressing circumstances! Just let us know!


If you have any further questions, get in touch via onefithire@gmail.com or through our instagram or facebook @onefithire